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Flash Card Data Recovery
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If you've accidentally deleted files, emptied the Recycle Bin or Trash Can, don't install any software or save additional files to your flash card or Microdrive. Doing so may permanently overwrite the deleted items. If you are in the middle of a project when you discover files are missing, or you believe they have been deleted, save the current project to a floppy disk, or another storage device. Do not write, install software, or save anything to the Media where the missing files were located.

Package the card(s) in a well-padded letter or box and send to:

Southwest Stars Data Recovery
5511 San Pedro Avenue, Suite 203
San Antonio, TX 78212

Packing your Hard Drive

A critical part of any data recovery process is ensuring proper packing and shipping the drive. Make sure that the drive is well packaged with plenty of foam and or packing materials. Always wrap the drive in bubble-wrap so that if the drive settles it will not be sitting un-protected at the bottom of the box. Otherwise the drive could shift in transit causing additional damage to the drive.
Step 1 - Have a qualified technician remove the hard drive from your computer. Remove any brackets and cables. We only need the hard drive itself. Be gentle when handling the drive, and if possible use a static band or static-free area.
Step 2 - Always place the drive in an anti-static bag or seagate seashell to avoid possible further damage from static electricity.
Box, Foam, ESD Bags and

Seashells may be obtained online


Step 3 - Package the disk with foam and/or packing peanuts tightly so that the drive does not shift during shipping. Don’t forget to include your paperwork! Step 4 - If you have a job or quote number, clearly write it on the outside of the box. Having everything in order will help speed up the process. NEVER DO THIS! - Please, DO NOT send us your media in an envelope that you would mail documents in. This can cause irreparable damage to your hard drive

When shipping your media, use one of the common couriers. Make sure to use a service that will be easy to track your shipment. We suggest sending it overnight. Most couriers will come pick the box up from your location. You want your media in the hands of the courier for as little time as possible to eliminate the chances of any further damage.

Contact us after the drive is shipped and let us know when the drive is expected and what your tracking number is (if applicable). Notifying us of an incoming shipment will allow us to schedule resources for your job in advance, thereby reducing turn-around time.