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Once we've gathered the data, the work really begins. This is the forensic analysis phase - when we search through the media for any relevant evidence. A thorough, careful forensic analysis is critical to the success of your case.

During the forensic analysis, our team employs a variety of techniques to find hidden or forgotten evidence. By restoring deleted or password-protected files, for example, we are frequently able to recreate an event or chain of events. Even gaps in data or file erasures can be revealing.

Our efforts have lead to detailed pictures of fraud, sabotage, and conspiracy. Even with just bits of data fragments of memos, for example; we are often able to show wrongdoing. In some cases, we track fact patterns and thought processes of individuals or groups as they leave a trail of evidence on electronic calendars, e-mail, and voice mail records.

Southwest Stars can help companies collect, preserve, recover and document electronic information to re-create the data surrounding a chain of events for use in a court of law.