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Hard Drives
Software corruption or program error is probably the best known form of data loss. If the PC does not boot after this message, most users begin to sweat ...
Symptoms of software corruption or program malfunction may include software that won't load, or an error message stating data is corrupted or inaccessible.

These problems can be caused by several things including electrical failure, a head/media crash, controller failure or software glitch or virus attack. Software defects begin to show when single data records are not recoverable or programs do not start correctly anymore.

As a precaution you should always protect electrical components by using computers in a dry, shaded, dust-free area, utilize an uninterruptible power supply (UPS)to protect against power surges and never shake or remove the covers on hard drives or tapes.

If you experience these problems, you should turn your computer off immediately and discontinue further work and contact our lab. It could already be the case that small surface damage already exists which will be made worse by using data recovery programs.

Exchange and SQL Data Recovery - Now Available!

Utilizing our proprietary Data Recovery tools, this critical service can recover lost data from Exchange Server 5.0, 5.5 and 2000, as well as from SQL Server v6.5, v7.0 and 2000.

IT administrators can utilize Southwest Stars Data Recovery services to recover lost data due to catastrophic server hardware failures including RAID controller errors and hard disk drive failure, as well as software failures such as internal database corruption, accidental truncation or deletion of database files, and deletion of database objects. Our data recovery services can restore and repair database files into new readable files that are quickly accessible, saving businesses staggering financial, legal and productivity ramifications.

Data Recovery From Corrupt or Oversize PST Files

Outlook PST files have a size limitation of 2 Gigabytes. Once a PST file exceeds this limit, outlook can no longer open the file, and the data is inaccessible. Southwest Stars Data Recovery can recover 99% of the data from this type of problem.

Error Messages produced by Outlook include:

  • Properties for this information service must be configured prior to use
  • File access is denied.
  • You do not have the permissions required to access the file
  • Errors in background synchronization

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